frame grabber

Source:Sony Digital Network Applications, Inc.

A new easy way to shoot a still picture of a moving object.

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Can't decide whether to shoot video or pictures?
Choose video and frame grabber!

With frame grabber, grab still images from recorded video and get the best of both Video and pictures worlds.

Record video of your lovely kids or pets, and then grab the best shots as still images!

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**Please Note:
-As of August. 2011, this app is tested and verified with Nexus One, Nexus S (only with video taken in landscape mode), HTC Hero, HTC droid Eris, DROID X, DROID 2, DROID INCREDIBLE, Vibrant, Wildfire, and HTC EVO 4G but does not work with Motorola Droid and HTC ThunderBolt.
The verification tests are under way, but other models are not being tested yet.

-The picture resolution of the "grabbed" still-image will be same as that of the original video.

-frame grabber is not compatible with a video file recorded with the resolution of 1920 by 1080. If your handset is capable of recording a video with the resolution, please set the resolution to 1280 by 720 or lower when using frame grabber.

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